Towa Sangyo Easy zipper blanket compression pack for blanket towel ket 2 pieces of daily necessities Duvet compression bag and storage bag

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「らくジッパー 毛布圧縮パック 毛布タオルケット用 2枚入」は、毛布・タオルケット用の圧縮袋です。らくらく開閉スライダー付き。チャックの開閉が簡単。軽くてスムーズ。本体に取付済でなくさない。2枚入。


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Duvet compression bag / storage bag
Product brandTOWA (Towa Industry)
how to use1.毛布やタオルケットは必ず天日やふとん乾燥機でよく乾燥させ、ホコリやゴミを取り除き、清潔な状態にしてください。
2. Open the compression pack chuck.
4. Close the chuck.
5. Aspirate the air in the compression pack.
please notePlease keep out of reach of small children ●. Wearing a compression pack may cause suffocation.
● Please do not use other than textile products such as futon which is the original purpose.
● In addition to the flat suction port of a general vacuum cleaner, the valve of this product is compatible with the convex suction port (convex part: width 20 mm, height 5 mm or less) of foreign manufacturers vacuum cleaner. However, please be aware that it does not support suction ports that have a large gap when touching the valve or a special shape that is difficult to contact.
● Suction may not be possible if the suction power is low with a handy type or stand (stick) type vacuum cleaner.
● Never fold the chuck part. Deformation may cause air leakage.
● If foreign matter such as fiber or dust gets caught in the chuck, it may cause air leakage, so lightly wipe the inside of the chuck with a damp cloth and then close the chuck. (Be sure to squeeze the cloth well as it may cause mold if the moisture of the cloth is high.)
● Do not drag or throw the compression pack.
Quality indicationBody ●: Polyethylene, Nylon
● Valve: polyethylene
Slider: Polyacetal
● Indication of stored items
● Contents: 2 sheets
Country of originChina
Contact information● Contact
Mon-Fri 9 o'clock-17 o'clock (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

● Display person
Towa Industry Co., Ltd.


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