Arakawa Sangyo Dasco Two-Tone Nation Cleaner 200ml DIY · Garden Leather Cleaner

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"Dasco Two-Tone Nation Cleaner 200ml" is a leather cleaner that can be used on smooth leather, suede, leather and other shoes. Spew that is difficult to process (salted by rain) can be easily removed even in a busy morning. At the same time, it gives smooth leather a smooth gloss. It is recommended for work boots that are often used on rainy days.
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category DIY garden
Material ・ Item Leather cleaner
Product brandDasco (DASCO)
Internal capacity200mL
sizeDiameter 50 x Height 173 (mm)
how to use● Please drop the dust and Stain on the surface of the shoes with a brush.
● After shaking the container well, please spray approximately 20 cm apart.
● After leaving for a few minutes, wipe it with a clean cloth.
● Please wipe the whole with a light sponge.
● Smooth Leather will come out shiny at the end of the process.
● Please prepare a haired foot by brushing Suede at the end.
please note● Depending on the type of Leather, it may be possible to use Fade or Stains, etc., so please use it after testing in the hard-to-see area.
● Please do not use other than leather.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
Beware of fire and high temperature● Do not use near flames or flames as it is a flammable product using a high pressure bath and it is dangerous.
1. Do not use it in a large amount in a room that is using fire.
2. Do not place the product in a place exposed to direct sunlight or near a flame, etc., where the temperature is over 40 ° C, because there is a risk of explosion if it is heated.
3. Do not put in the fire.
4. Use up and discard.
Country of originEngland
Contact informationArakawa Industry Co., Ltd.


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