Lion Smile contact Fine fit 5ml X 2 bottles (2 Set)

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Description of item

Lense sense of foreign feeling such as a sense of rough feeling, easy to wear, realized a soft lense fit.


category Sanitary care
Material item Contact lense wearing medicine
Product brandSmile (Lion)
Internal capacity5 ml x 2
A68 x 80 x 25 (mm)
Description of item"Smy Luco tacto Fine Fit 5ml x 2" works directly on lense when attaching contacts, and a moist film of macromolecule and amino acid component acts between pupil and lense. It is a loading solution for contact which suppresses foreign body feeling such as lense feeling of losing, realizes a soft feeling of lense by making it easy to wear. It is an item that makes comfortable contact life every day. 5 ml x 2 bottles. Quasi-drugs.
Storage and Handling Precautions(1) Keep tightly closed in a cool place not exposed to direct sunlight and please keep it.
(2) Please keep it out of reach of children.
(3) Please do not change to another container.
(Misuse may result or quality changes.)
(4) Please do not share it with other people.
(5) After opening, depending on the storage condition of the container, the crystal of the component may whiten at the tip of the container. In that case, please wipe gently with a clean Gauze etc.
(6) Do not use products that have passed the expiration date (written on the bottom of the outer box).

● Notes on using contact lense
* Please wash your hands thoroughly before handling contact lense and keep it clean.
* Keep contact lense clean, please keep in mind about preservation and cleaning to keep it normal.
* If you are using contact lense, please be sure to undergo periodic inspection by ophthalmologist.
Ingredients · Quantity(In 100 ml)
Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose 2910 · · 1.0 g
Potassium L-aspartate ... 0.1 g
Aminoethylsulfonic acid ······· 1.0 g
Sodium chloride ········ 0.6 g
Polyvinyl alcohol (partially saponified product) · · · 2.0 g
* Includes sodium edetate, cyclodextrin, Benza Luconnium chloride, pH adjuster as additives.
Dosage regimenContact After wearing both sides of lense with 1-3 drops once, please attach.
1. Add liquid directly to lense.
2. Attach lense to your eyes as it is.
* After installation, if the liquid overflowed from the eyes, please wipe gently with a clean Gauze etc.
Crystal of ingredients may adhere around the eyes.

● Notice related to dosage / dose
(1) If you want to use it for children, please use it under guidance and supervision of parents.
(2) Do not touch the tip of the container with lense, do not touch your fingers. Also please do not use cloudy ones. (It will cause contamination and contamination of foreign matter (dust and dust etc).)
(3) Do not use with contact lense attached.
(4) If you use eyedrops after wearing contact lense using this product, please use at least 30 minutes before opening.
IndicationEasy installation of soft contact lense or hard contact lense.
Usage notes● Consultation
1. The next person please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use
(1) A person who is receiving medical treatment by a doctor.
(2) A person whose family or family members are allergic.
(3) People who have had allergy symptoms with medicine.
(4) A person with the following symptoms. ... a stinging eyes pain

2. In the following cases, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist with this document.
After use, when the following symptoms appeared
Related site Symptom
The skin Rash · redness, itching
Eye Hyperemia, itching, swelling

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