Bathclin Bathclin Warm Beauty Bath Comfort Rose Aroma Packaging 40g Daily Use Medicinal Bath Salt Fatigue Recovery

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"Vasclin Warm Beauty Bath Comfort Rose Scent Package 40g" is a medicinal bath that contains two ginger of ginger powder (active ingredient) and carbonic acid + ginger (moisturizing ingredient).
(Product features)
● The original "Carbonate + ginger", which is completed by combining our technology and ginger extract, is dissolved in hot water.
● Active ingredients promote blood circulation by enhancing the effect of the hot bath.
● moisturizing ingredients; fermented beauty ingredients (natto extract), golden jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, gives the skin moisture.
● Smooth, thick and comfortable bathing feeling "Relaxing white hot water (giri type)"
* Waking up with warmth * The active ingredient enhances the warm bath effect to promote circulation, coldness and fatigue.
● We have three scents of "Comfort Rose", "Relaxing Flower" and "Refresh Herbal" in the bath.
(Tsun Primrose Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil)
● We make a veil on the skin and give moisture
(New powder type)
● Birth of "Carbonate + Ginger (moisturizing ingredient)"
● We combine our proprietary ginger extract with "Carbonate + Ginger" to complete our new drug formulation.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Medicinal bath salt fatigue recovery
Product brandBasklin
Internal capacity40g
how to usehow to use
Please put in a ratio of 40g in the hot water (200L) of the bath. As powder may remain in the bottom, please dissolve while stirring well.
please noteUsage notes
・ If skin or physical abnormality is found, consult with a doctor and use.
・ In use and after use, if you have skin irritations such as rash, redness, itching or irritation, stop using and consult a doctor.
・ This product can not be eaten. If a large amount is swallowed, take action such as drinking water and consult a doctor.
・ Be careful to slip in the bath when taking a bath.
・ Avoid using this product in combination with other bath agents.
・ Do not use for uses other than bathing.
-This product does not contain sulfur that will destroy the bath tub.
About nigiri ingredients
・ In the case of full-automatic water heater · 24-hour bath, depending on the model, it may not be possible to use. Check the manual of the model and use it.
・ In the case of Wooden's bathtub, avoid using it as it may be difficult to get rid of greasy ingredients.
・ Breath components are attached to the bath pot and Stain of piping, and it may come out at the time of chase.
・ After use, the greasy ingredients left in the filter, bathtub, etc. of the circulation port wash away well.
About the remaining hot water
-The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but rinse and set every time with clean water.
・ The remaining hot water contains a lot of inorganic salt, so do not use it for potting or watering important plants.
Caution on storage
・ Do not put water in the bottle. If water gets into the bottle, open the cap and let it stand until foaming ceases.
・ Close the cap tightly and do not place it in a place where the baby can reach, a place exposed to direct sunlight, a high temperature and humidity.
・ We can not refill in other containers for quality maintenance.
・ Use as soon as possible after opening the bottle.
・ Because automatic weighing and filling, even if there is space, the content is as shown.
・ Remove chlorine in tap water with amino acid component. The hot water is mellow. Kind to your skin.
-You can also use it when bathing with your baby (more than 3 months old).
※ Allergy tested (not all people are not allergic)
componentActive ingredient
Powdered mackerel powder, dry sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate
ingredient of other
DL-malic acid, oxidized Ti, dextrin, PEG (400), sodium L-glutamate, ginger extract, natto extract, jojoba oil,
Evening primrose oil, PEG stearate, PEG (120), sorbitan oleate, POE oleate (20) sorbitan, silica,
Base for soap, anhydrous ethanol, magnesium oxide, perfume, viscosity modifier
Country of originJapan
Effect / effectEfficacy effect
Cold recovery, fatigue recovery, roughness, stiff shoulders, low back pain, neuralgia, acne, heat, moisture, soreness, cracks, moxibustion, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, acne,
Uchimi, lottery, prenatal and postnatal cold
Contact informationBasklin Co., Ltd.
相 談 102-0073, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 4-1-7 Kudan Kita, customer consultation room
0120-39-8496 Hours 9: 00-17: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


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