AGC techno glass iwaki pack & range (syndica toe / olorful herbs) 200ml B3200-SNB 1 pcs daily necessities Glass storage container

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"Iwaki Pack & Range (Shinjikato / olorful herbs) 200ml B3200-SNB 1 piece" is made of heat-resistant glass, so it is a glass storage container that does not transfer color or smell even if you put food with strong acid or salt.
● We can be put on the microwave with the lid
● As it is transparent, preservation state is obvious


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Glass storage container
Internal capacity1 piece
Product Specifications・Z(): Width 9.3x depth 9.2xHeight5.4cm
・ Full water capacity: 200 ml
・ Microwave oven: Available
・Orb: Available (lid is not available)
・ No open fire
・Dishwasher: Glass only
MaterialBody: heat-resistant glass, lid: polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature 140 degrees)
Country of originChina or Thailand
Contact informationIwaki customer service center


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