Doritech Doritec large screen pedometer black H - 236 BK home appliance pedometer

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"Doritech large screen pedometer black H-236BK" counts without choosing places such as bag or pocket.
● Records data for 30 days and displays the history.
● With a convenient clip strap ● Support for walking · Measured other than the number of steps! Health in total Check ● Five kinds of screen display · Number of steps, distance, calorie consumption etc. are recorded in five displays.
・ With memory function for 30 days.
● We are counted by walk more than 10 steps.
・ With false count prevention function.
・ In order to prevent erroneous measurement, it is not counted unless it is a certain continuous movement.
-Therefore, we are counting from 10 or more consecutive walks.
● Carry around to record the number of steps · Safe even when put in a pocket with a 3D sensor.
・ If you have a pedometer that can manage how much you walked, not just walking, it will help you to indicate your goal.
-With a 3D sensor that can count the number of steps firmly even if carried around in a pocket or bag while going out.
・ It is easy to make it a habit as exercise management of daily life.
-As well as the number of steps, it will be displayed in five items such as distance and calories burned.
● With a clip and a strap for fall prevention ● Large screen display for easy viewing of numerical values. You can check the records you walked with memory for 30 days.


category Household appliances
Material ・ Item Pedometer
Product brandDoritec
Product SpecificationsProducts (): Width 71x depth 11xHeight 36mm
Product weight (): 30g
Detection method: 3D accelerometer display method LCD: Digital 5 digits Step number: 10-99999 step Walking distance display: 0.0-999.9km
Calorie display: 0-9999 kcaL
Burned fat display: 0.0-999.9g
Exaz display: 0.0-99.9Ex
Step accuracy: Within + -3% (by vibration tester)
Auto power off (): 1 minute use lithium battery: CR2032 x 1 co-battery life (): 6 months (when operating 16 hours a day)
set contentMain unit, CR2032 (for operation check) x 1 copy
Contact informationDoritech Customer Service Center

Release source Doritech Co., Ltd.


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