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“Petapon Plump Toilet Seat Sheet Bore Type Beige” is a long-haired bore type toilet seat sheet. A gentle sitting comfort that makes you want to sit all the time.
● Adsorb simply by sticking on the toilet seat, and it will not fall off even if you stand the toilet seat.
● It can be washed repeatedly with a washing machine.
● You can save electricity even if your butt does not get cold even when the heating toilet is turned off.
● Any toilet seat type is OK. It can also be used for O-type, U-type, cleaning and heating type, and portable toilets.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Toilet seat
Internal capacity1 incorporation
How to use(how to use)
(1) Wipe off dust, water and Stain on the toilet seat.
(2) Peel off the transparent film attached to the back of the sheet.
(3) Please put a sheet firmly on the toilet seat.

(Washing method)
● Do not use detergents or bleaches other than neutral detergents, softeners, hot water, etc.
● Please wash your hands with lukewarm water at around 30 degrees, or wash them with the weak current of the washing machine.
● Because there is a risk of color transfer, do not wash with white goods.
● Please dry well after washing.
● After washing, when you dry it after preparing the hair line, it will be a beautiful hair line.
● Do not use the dryer.
Please avoid direct sunlight ● Please shade.
● If a pinch is used, a trace may remain, but there is no problem in use.
Please note● Do not cut the toilet seat.
● It is time to replace if the adsorptive power has weakened, so it is recommended to replace it with a new one.
● Please turn off the power when using it on a heating toilet seat.
● When using a seat with a seating sensor, be careful not to block the sensor with the seat.
● In the case of low temperature (less than 5 degrees), the adsorption power may be weakened.
● Do not align suction surfaces with each other.
● Depending on the seat shape of your seat, it may protrude from the seat and may be smaller.
● Please do not place near fire or high temperature.
● Please avoid using other than the intended purpose.
● Please dispose of in accordance with the method prescribed by each local government at the time of disposal.
MaterialSurface: Polyester
Middle fabric: Poly Urethane, Polyester
Back side: Poly Urethane resin
Country of originChina
Contact informationKokubo Industry Co., Ltd.
640-1161 Nogami New 201-9, Hainan City, Wakayama Prefecture


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