Kiyoji moth chrysanthemum Oxy wash oxygen bleach powder type 1 kg daily necessities oxygen bleach bleach for clothing

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"Oxywash oxygen bleach 1kg powder type" is an oxygen bleach that can be used for cleaning around the kitchen and in the bathroom.
● bleach · deodorant · eradication.
● For food spills, blood, sweat Jimi, yellowish, etc., for washing organic Stain.
● Safe for colored patterns.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Oxygen bleach For clothing
Internal capacity1kg
How to use※ Please use carefully read the precautions on use.
・ It is effective to use it with hot water (40-60 degrees).
-When using with water, dissolve it with a small amount of hot water and then mix it with water.

(Thing which can be used)
Laundry (clothing), curtains, nylon carpet (wool, not for wool mix), food spills, tableware tea astringency, tobacco jani, blood, soy sauce, bathroom joints, entrance tiles, plants Stain, pets By Stain, odor etc

(Cannot be used)
It can not be used for rust removal of wool products, wool blends, wool carpets, Persian carpets, tatami mats, silks, leather products and other non-washable materials, as well as jewelry and accessories of Metal, and Metal.
Usage notes・ Do not use for any purpose.
・ Do not use boiling water.
-Always try in an unobtrusive place before use, and after drying, make sure that there is no Fade before use.
・ When mixing this agent with water, keep your face away from the container.
・ Do not leave the solution for a long time in a sealed container. It may keep releasing oxygen and burst.
・ Use up within 6 hours, as the solution will not be effective.
・ Please do not put in place where children and pets can touch.
・ Please be careful about place to prevent accidental ingestion such as people with dementia.
-Avoid direct sunlight, please do not place in a hot place.
・ Do not put water or other things in the product container.
・ Do not mix with other than laundry detergents (ammonia-containing products, reducing bleaches, household detergents).
First aid・ If it gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water and consult an ophthalmologist.
・ If it gets on your skin, wash it off with water and consult your doctor if there is any abnormality.
※ Please bring the product at the time of consultation.
Quality indication・ Product name ・ ・ ・ Clothing ・ Cloth ・ Kitchen circumference ・ Water around ・ tableware ・ bath ・ Furniture for furniture
· Component: Percarbonate (oxygen type), carbonate, water softener, persulfate, surfactant (sodium alpha olefin sulfonate)
・ Liquidity ... weakly alkaline
・ Use ・ ・ ・ Drop the sticky Stain and Stains attached to clothing etc.
・ Estimate of usage ・ ・ ・ 35 g for 4.5 L of water
Country of originJapan
Contact informationKiyo Garlic Chrysanthemum
649-0164 1135 Kamizu Town, Hainan City, Wakayama Prefecture


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