Green Pan · Japan Green Pan Panel Venice Professional Frying Pan Set 20 cm + 26 cm 1 Set Home & Kitchen IH Cooker compatible Frying Pan

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"Green pan Venice professional frying pan set 20 cm + 26 cm 1 set" is a frying pan set with durability greatly improved, with Ceramic coating strengthened with Diamond particle blend. When cooking, you can use the Metal kitchen tool. When cleaning, you can also use dishwasher, you can feel tough with everyday cuisine. A simple design that does not get tired is also attractive.


category Home & Kitchen
Material item Frying pan for IH cooker
Product brandGreen bread
Internal capacity1 set
componentBody: Aluminum Nium Alloy, Handle: Phenolic Resin, Surface Treatment (Inside / Outer): Ceramic Coating
set contentFrying pan 20 cm x 1, frying pan 26 cm x 1
Product SpecificationsItems (cm) 20 cm: Length 37.8 x Width 20.7 x Height 7.9 cm Depth 4.3 cm, 26 cm: Length 45.5 x Width 26.7 x Height 9.3 cm Depth 4.9 cm Item Weight (g) 20 cm: 560 g, 26 cm: 890 g
Country of originChina
Contact Information03-6303-2808

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