Zwilling JA Henkels Japan ZWILLING Bamboo Knife Block 35015-100 Home & Kitchen Kitchen Storage Goods

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"ZWILLING Bamboo Knife Block 35015-100" is a knife block that stores kitchen knife and cooking scissors cleanly and can be taken out with one hand and supports kitchen life more comfortably. Because it is a natural material, we will reduce the burden of knife and scissors blade and store it.


category Home & Kitchen
Material item Kitchen storage goods
Product brandZWILLING JAHENCKELS (Zwilling JA Henkels)
please note● Please set it in a flat and stable place.
● Use automatic dishwasher, please avoid washing with hot water.
● Wash the kitchen knife well with detergent, please store it after completely draining moisture.
● When you do not use for a long time, please dry well before storing.
Product Specifications● Material: Bamboo ●: length 26.8 x Length 10.8 x Height 20 cm
Country of originChina

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