Lion Shoji [Planned goods] [case selling] Sand taking odor 10% weight increase 5.5 L x 4 pet supplies cat sand cat sand (bentonite)

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"[Planned goods] [case selling] Sand that takes odor 10% increase 5.5 L x 4 pieces" is cat sand which takes odor. When replenishing sand and using cats, it evolved more easily. It is easy to clean up because it hardly collapses with outstanding water absorption power. Triple deodorizing effect which works effectively on odor of hun and pussy, it demonstrates surprising deodorizing effect, increasing type.
* There are times when the exterior box has damaged · Scratch, but please understand.


category Pet Supplies
Material item Cat sand / cat sand (bentonite)
Product brandSeries taking odors
Internal capacity5.5 L x 4 pieces
how to use● Please put plenty of sand in the toilet container and use it.
● Clean the toilet, do it regularly, always keep it clean.
please note● It is a litter for cats. Please do not use it for other uses.
● Please treat toilet sand after use according to the treatment method of each municipal waste.
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationLion Corporation Customer Center
TEL: 0120-556-581

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