Here's the best mask cateop protector Anti-virus processing cloth use freeze 2 sheets sanitary medical antibacterial mask

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"The best mask caterpillar protector antivirus processing cloth used freeze two pieces" is a mask with anti virus filter installed.
● "CateProtect (cateoprotect)" co-developed with Osaka University 4-layer filter structure combined with CateProtect filter and a meltblown filter that cuts virus droplets, bacteria, pollen, fine particles by 99%.
● Thermal bond fiber with less burden on the skin. Ear strings hard to hurt.
● 2 easy-to-purchase items.


category Sanitary care
Material item Antibacterial mask
Internal capacity2 pieces
how to use(1) Place the back side of the mask (the one with ear straps) against your face and let the nose fitter match the curve of your nose.
(2) Let's apply rubber to the left and right ears while fitting to the face so that no gaps will occur as much as possible.
* When changing masks, we recommend using new ones.
please note· Please do not use it in the place where harmful dust and gas etc are generated or for the purpose of preventing it.
· Please stop using it in case of abnormality of the skin and not fitting to the skin.
· If you feel bad with a smell please discontinue use.
· Please keep out of reach of children.
· Because of the use up mask, please do not reuse after washing.
Material· Main body, filter part · · · polypropylene, rayon, PET
· Ear strings · · · Polyester, poly Urethane
· Nosefit section ... Polyethylene
Country of originChina
Contact InformationProtectia
567-0047 Osaka prefecture Ibaraki-shi Mihokaoka 8-1 Incubation building I-213

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