AKANE square okara cat sand 7L pet supplies cat sand cat sand (okara)

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"AKANE Square Okara Okara Cat Sand 7 L" is environmentally friendly cat sand which uses the characteristics of Ocala. It is characterized by a rectangular shape and it is difficult to scatter.
● Firmly solid toilet cleaning is easy. Since the mass is stable, even if there is a change in the physical condition of the cat, it solidifies at all times and it can be taken easily with a scoop (sold separately).
● Firmly deodorize ammonia. The surface of the sand is made porous by the foaming technique, and the surface area is enlarged by the cavity shape, so quickly odor is cut.
● The room is clean as dust is hard to scatter easily. Particles that make up sand are so big that dust is hard to stand. It is difficult to scatter and clean, as they are aligning the grains in a shape difficult to fit on the feet of the cat.
● It is a food recycled product that uses okara as an industrial waste as its main ingredient.
● Earth friendly ecological cat sand which also helps to reduce the amount of garbage.
● Organic substances are manufactured with main raw materials.
● Also flush toilet flush.
● It can also be reused as organic fertilizer.
● It can be burned and treated as combustible. * For disposal methods, please follow the local waste disposal method.


category Pet Supplies
Material ・ Item Cat sand / cat sand (Okara)
Internal capacity7 L
how to usePlease spread this item to the toilet for cats about 5-6 cm.
● Initially, it is good to use soddy (something with pet urine, smell etc.) that you used before mixing.
● Please remove part of Stain once a day. Please replenish new sand after removing it.
● Stain The sand can be flushed to the flush toilet.
* If flowing in large quantities at once, it will cause clogging of the drain pipe. The amount to be flowed at one time should be within 80 cc (cup of cup).
● It can be treated as household garbage and also burned.
● Please spread the sand quietly so that it will be about 5-10 cm deep in the toilet for cat you use.
【Guide for exchange】
* It depends on the environment (humidity and the number of cats etc) used and the individual difference (weight, physical condition etc.).
● If you feel that the absorption capacity has decreased, please change the sand. In the case of one cat, 2-3 weeks is a standard of exchange.
● Once a month, we recommend that you exchange the entire amount.
● If you are concerned about odor, please exchange the whole amount.
please note● Do not use this product outside the application. It is not food.
● If the sand is stained with urine, it will become difficult to set. At this time, it is recommended to replace all sand.
● When disposing or refilling this product, be careful not to inhale fine powder with good ventilation.
● If you are not familiar with cats, please mix little by little with the previously used cat sand.
● Please keep out of reach of children and pets.
● Do not use empty bags as children's toys. There is a risk of suffocating your mouth and nose. Please discard empty bags promptly.
Preservation methodAfter opening, please close the mouth of the bag firmly with rubber bands etc. in a dry place with little humidity, please keep. (In particular, please be aware that rainy season etc. may affect water absorption and solidification performance.)
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.Ingredients: Tofu (okara)
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationDistributor Orient Impression Co., Ltd. 2-43-9 Nihonbashi Hamacho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 3rd Floor Plain Building
TEL 03-6661-9238


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