Richele First Sales Dept. Richele Camping Carry Double Door Ivory S Pet Supplies Carry Bag (for Dogs)

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"Ritchell Camping Carry Double Door Ivory S" comes with a roof door and makes it easy to put in and out pets.
● Because it can be fixed to the seat belt, it is useful for safety measures with the car. Simply put it on the hook, it can be installed easily.
● The plastic so easy to wash and care.
● Normally get accustomed as a house, move to visitors and disasters.
● It is convenient to carry because it has a handle.
● The top and bottom of the main unit can be stacked and fixed with a buckle. The door can be stored together.
● Because the door is easy to open and close from either the left or the right, you can set up a seat for a car.


category Pet Supplies
Material item Carry bag (for dogs)
Product brandRichell (pet)
Product SpecificationsAssemblings: W315xD470xH285mm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Weight guide: 5 kg or less (for small dogs, cats, rabbits)
MaterialMain body · Door lock case · Handle · Belt mounting part · Top door lock case: Polypropylene buckle · Buckle shaft · Door lock · Top door lock · Upper door shaft: ABS plastic upper door: Polycarbonate door · Door shaft: Steel (Polyester powder Baking finish)
Spring: stainless steel
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationRichell Customer Counseling Room
TEL 076-478-2957
Reception hours Weekdays except weekends and public holidays 9: 00-17: 00

Manufacturer selling agency Co., Ltd. Richele Toyama prefecture Toyama city Mizuhashi cherry tree 136

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