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"Medicit Rubbedder Magic Slim Black L-LL" is a stocking stocking. Thin your legs from the moment you wore.


category Daily necessities
Material item Stocking Stockings
Product brandMedicu
how to use● Remove the ring etc before wearing, please smooth the nails of the limbs.
● Do not raise your nails or pull it up at once.
● Because of its support capability, please slowly lift it carefully.
(1) Fit the products closely in order of toe and heel.
(2) Pull up slowly alternately left and right while pulling sufficiently with the knees.
(3) Pull up from the knee to the thigh, crotch part sufficiently, alternately pulling up.
(4) Hit Plat I will wear it together to lift up to the waist.
please note1. Do not use if you have severe blood circulation disorder.
2. Please consult your doctor before wearing the next one. Those who are being treated with diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, circulatory disorder, congestive tuberic heart failure, inflammatory diseases, neuropathy of the wearing site etc.
3. When wearing, please note the following.
(1) Please do not wear something that does not fit or two piles layered.
(2) Please be careful not to wrinkle or slack during use.
(3) Please extend so that the fabric will not be rounded at the back of your knee and back.
(4) Please do not wear at bedtime.
4. If you feel sick or feel uncomfortable, such as pain or numbness, itching, rash, etc., stop using it immediately.
5. There is no restriction on wearing time (except at bedtime).
6. To avoid deformation of the product, please do not use or store it in a twisted state.
Product Specifications● Material
Nylon, poly Urethane
● Height: 155-165 cm
Thigh · · · 47 - 53 cm
Calf ... 34 - 42 cm
Ankle · · · 21 - 25 cm
Foot · · · 23-25 ​​cm
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationRec kit Benckiser Japan Co., Ltd.
141-0022 3-20-14 Higashi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Customer consultation room: 0120-634-434

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