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"Medical mask white 50 pcs." Is a disposable mask with a three-layer structure of nonwoven fabric. Since the intermediate layer filter has high performance both bacteria filtration rate (BFE) and particle filtration rate (PFE 0.1 micron), it has excellent ability to remove microscopic substances in air such as pollen, bacteria and virus. In addition, round rubber (Willie rubber) is used for the earmuff part so that you can use it comfortably for a long time of use. Furthermore, by using the non-Metal nosepiece, you can raise the fit and discard it as burnable garbage after use. Individual packaging none.


category Sanitary care
Material item Antivirus mask
Product brandMedical mask
Internal capacity50 sheets
(Sheets)Length 9 x Length 17.5 (cm)
how to use1. Extend Pleated fully and widen the mask greatly.
2. Place the mask on the nose and fold the nosepiece according to the shape of the nose.
3. Rub the ear with the state as it is.
please note· Please do not use it if there is a history of hypersensitivity such as rash, dermatitis etc. for this product.
· If you have caused irritability such as rash, dermatitis etc. due to use of this product, stop using and get a doctor's diagnosis.
· In case of contamination by blood or drowning etc., please discard it promptly and replace it with a new one.
· When using, please fully extend Pleated and cover your nose and mouth.
· Do not use this product in places where harmful dust or gas etc. occurs or for the purpose of preventing it.
· If you feel bad with a smell, please stop using it promptly.
· Please keep out of reach of infants and children.
MaterialBody, filter: polypropylene nose Wire: Polyester
Ear String: Poly Urethane
Country of originChina

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