Kawamoto Industrial Kawamoto Ear Pulp Soft Type 2 pairs (4 pieces) Hygiene medical ear plug

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"Kawamoto Earpener Soft Type 2 Pairs (4 Pieces)" is a soft type earplug convenient for reading and traveling. Rounded conical form, easy to insert. Elastic Urethane's smooth surface gentle wearing comfort. It bulges slowly according to the shape of the ear, and it fits perfectly in the ear. Even with trains, buses, airplanes, etc., it cuts out noise and does not disturb sleep.
Since it is two sets, it can be easily replaced even if it is Stain. In addition, it can be washed and reused.


category Sanitary care
Material item Earplug
Product brandKawamoto
Internal capacity2 pairs (4 pieces)
(Exterior)70 * 80 * 115 (mm)
how to use1, compress it while rotating the earplug with your fingertips, please thin.
2 Please slowly insert the earplug with paying attention to excessive insertion.
3, the earplug will swell quickly and fit in the ear canal in about 20 seconds.
Usage notes● Do not use people with weak skin such as otitis.
● Because there is no waterproof effect, please do not use for swimming, surfing etc.
● Please be careful not to put too far in the ear.
● Please keep out of reach of young children, so as not to swallow accidentally.
● Please do not use other than ear plug application.
● In case of Stain, rinse with kitchen detergent etc, rinse thoroughly, please dry well after dry thoroughly.
● Replace with a new product when the elasticity is gone.
● Please do not overdo it strongly.
Country of originAmerica

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