Towa Sangyo Moveable Futon bag L Daily necessities Duvet compression bag / storage bag

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「引越し用ふとん袋 L」は、シングルの布団が2-4枚入る布団収納袋です。撥水性を持つ素材で、持ち運びしやすいベルトが付いており、引越しなどに便利です。そのまま収納してもOK。
●硬わた敷きぶとんやロングズの掛けぶとんもスッキリ収まる大 きめズです。


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Duvet compression bag / storage bag
Product brandTOWA (Towa Industry)
please note● Because of the nature of the non-woven fabric, pulling it too hard may result in Peeling.
● Futon with special thickness and thickness may not be included.
● Do not wash or wipe with water.
● Please do not place near the fire.
● Please dry the futon and store it cleanly.
● Do not use for any purpose other than the original purpose.
● Fastener: Polyester
Country of originChina
Contact information■ Towa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Toll-free number: 0120-24-4210
Reception hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


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