Houko HOKO Saba olive oil mackerel oil soaking oil 170 g canned canned fudas

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"HOKO Saba Olive Oil Mackerel Oil Pickling 170 g" is canned in mackerel pickled mackerel packed with mosae licked in the country with olive oil. You can use it as a dish as well as a dish material.


category hood
Material item Canned mackerel
Product brandHOKO
Internal capacity170 g
Allergic substances contained in raw materialsMackerel
please note● Please note that mackerel fins may rarely be hard.
Please be careful not to hurt your hands with a cut can of ● can.
● The expiration date is the deadline when saving with an unopened can. Regardless of the expiration date after opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.
● When warm, please transfer to another container and heat.
● Protein derived from raw material may float in soup. Also, when stored at low temperature olive oil may become cloudy or solidified, but there is no problem in quality.
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.● Mackerel pickled ● Material name: mackerel, olive oil, salt, vegetable extract, seasoning (amino acids etc.)
● Nutritional information indication: per can (170 g) / energy: 547 kcal, protein: 23.3 g, lipid: 49.8 g, carbohydrate: 1.4 g, sodium: 420 mg (equivalent amount of sodium chloride: 1.1 g)
How to open※ Do not cut your hand at the incision Handling precaution
(1) Raise the ring vertically without twisting to the left and right.
(2) Place the thumb on the lid of the can and drill the ring upwards using the index finger.
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationManufacturer: Takarazu Hachinohe Factory Co., Ltd. Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe City Daiji Ichikawa cho Utsugi Maeyama 31-203
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