Hakugen Earth Floral MICES Lloyd for Dress Dance 2pcs Floral Bouquet Scent 1 Year Effective Daily Necessary Insect Repellent (For Clothes)

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"Merce Lloyd closet type 3 pieces for closet" is an insect repellent agent (for clothing) that protects clothes with four functions: insect repellent, deodorant, anti-fungal, anti-yellowing, and anti-yellowing. It is an insect repellent product with no odor that is effective for one year. An insect repellent component that does not have odor protects important clothing from insect bites. Deodorant ingredients, deodorize the odor of the storage space. Formulated with antifungal agents to reduce mold growth. The anti-yellowing component prevents yellowing during storage of clothing. Unscented type.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Insect Repellent (for clothing)
Product brandMrs. Lloyd
Internal capacity3 pieces / one closet
Product features● It is with "withdrawal" to understand the replacement time at a glance.
● Gold thread, silver thread, lame processing products, buttons (Metal, The plastic products), etc. can also be used.
-It can also be used for leather clothes such as Japanese clothes and fur.
● Mrs. Lloyd can be used with other insect repellents.
how to use● Before storage
・ Please drop the clothing Stain properly.
* Please dry your clothes well.
・ Remove the cleaning cover etc.
● Take it out of the bag and suspend it in the closet (with a capacity of 2400 L). (It is effective to suspend at regular intervals in the storage space.)
● If the white text "Please replace" appears, please replace it with a new "Mrs. Lloyd".
● Standard usage
Three in the closet of 2400L (W180xD60xH230cm). (Please use one for every 800L according to the size of the closet.)
● Valid period
-About 1 year after the start of use (insect effect).
・ Effective period is not constant due to temperature, storage container, use condition etc
・ Because of "return" may vary depending on the season and storage condition.
This product is a product certified by Woolmark as an insect repellent suitable for use with clothes with a wool mark when used according to the label of clothes and the label issued by the manufacturer of this insect repellent. (Certified I0001)
● Advice on clothing storage
・ Clean your clothes
Stained clothing is more susceptible to insect damage. Store clothes that have been worn even after washing and cleaning after removing Stain.
・ We take measures against moisture
Moisture in the storage space can cause mold and odor. When storing clothes, it is effective to take measures against moisture with insect repellents. Also, if you leave the cover covered with the cleaning solution, it may cause moisture buildup and mold, so remove it and store it.
-With appropriate storage
The effect of the insect repellent spreads from the top to the bottom. Therefore, it is effective to install the insect repellent at the top of the storage space. Also, don't pack too much clothing so that the insect repellent component is well distributed.
please note● Keep the usage amount described in the package.
● When exchanging clothes, ventilate the room.
● Please do not place in the reach of children.
● Please use in storage space which does not hit direct sunlight with airtightness such as closets.
● This product can not be eaten. Please consult your doctor if you ate.
● Please keep this box while using the product for the purpose of accidental drinking etc.
● Please do not use for any purpose.
● This product is plastic trash. Please discard according to the classification of the local government after use.
Preservation methodSeal and store in a cool, direct sunlight.
componentProfluthrin, Empentrin (pyrethroid type), Phenolic antifungal agent (antifungal ingredient), mineral adsorbent (Deodorant ingredient, anti-yellowing ingredient)
Country of originJapan
Contact informationHakugen Co., Ltd.
Customer Service Office TEL: 03-5681-7691
Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00
(Except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


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