Hanatsuri Pasonnet · I · Super Black Medical Sanitary Pinhole Eye Mask

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"PASONET · I · SUPER BLACK" is a pinhole eye mask with a structure that does not press the eyelid inside. Five pin holes are opened on each side, and the focus range becomes deeper when viewed from this hole. It is easy to focus on far and near.
Using four holes, you can easily do eye muscle exercise with right / left · clockwise / counterclockwise, relaxing the tense eyes muscles. When using a personal computer or TV for a long time, during traveling and relaxing time etc.


category Sanitary care
Material item Pinhole eye mask
Product brandPasonet
Internal capacity1 piece
(Exterior)26 * 60 * 180 (mm)
Usage notes● Please use it in places where you can fully check the safety of the surroundings.
● The use of children under the guidance of guardian's supervision thank you.
● Please stop driving the vehicle machine, playing games, walking, handling dangerous goods etc while wearing this item.
● Please stop using the person with sickness or trouble in your eyes.
● This product is not a medical device.
please note● When using, please adjust the position of Aja Sterling of Crane.
● Remove glasses and contacts, please use.
● When looking into the pinhole, if moja (kasumi) is applied or you can see suspended matter like black dots and garbage, there is doubt of eye diseases, so please consult a specialist early.

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