Thermos Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mobile Phone Mug 0.45L Pink JNS-450 P Daily Necessities Water Bottle for Children

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Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mobile Phone Mug 0.45 L Blue JNS-450 BL is a new type of mobile phone mug bottle that can be unlocked and opened in one action. We settle down to bag clearly by measurement, slim model. Auto-locking button structure. It is safe to lock the button automatically when closed. It has a high thermal insulation and cooling capacity with a magic bottle structure. No condensation, no leakage.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Water bottle for children
Product brandThermos water bottle
Body weight0.19 kg
please note● whole wash OK (do not leave the body in water)
Product Specifications● heat retention effect
6 hours: 67 degrees or more
● Cold storage effect
6 hours: 10 degrees or less
MaterialBody: stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
Lid ・ Body: polypropylene
Mouth: polypropylene
Cover / packing: silicone
Country of originMalaysia


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