Earth Pharmaceutical Medicinal Mondamine Premium Care 380ml

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「薬用モンダミン プレミアムケア 380ml」は、7つの効果(むし歯予防・歯肉炎予防・出血予防・口臭予防・歯垢付着予防・口中浄化・口中爽快)でお口の健康を守る薬用マウスウォッシュです。しっかり洗浄し、3つの薬用成分(CPC、GK2、TXA)と歯のコーティング成分セラックが効果を発揮します。プレミアムミントの香味。医薬部外品。


Product brandMondamine
Internal capacity380ml
how to useDaily ● (daily) In addition to brushing teeth, including the appropriate amount of 20ml (cap half of the line) in the mouth, please rinse from about 20-30 seconds and spit.
● After use, you do not need to rinse your mouth with water.
● You can always use it, but it is recommended to use after brushing teeth and before sleeping.
Usage notes● Do not drink, as it is not an oral solution.
● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep out of reach of children.
Discontinue use and consult a physician if symptoms such as mouth problems, rashes, or itching appear.
component● Wetting agent: concentrated glycerin
● Solvent: ethanol
● Flavor: Perfume (premium mint type), xirit, sucralose
PH adjuster: sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide
● Solubilizer: POE cetyl ether
Detergents: Alkyl carboxymethyl hydroxyethyl imidazolinium betaine, EDTA-2Na
Tooth coating agent: white shellac
● Preservative: phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben
● Medical ingredients: cetyl pyridinium chloride hydrate (CPC), tranexamic acid (TXA), dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (GK2)
● Colorant: Yellow No. 4
Contact informationEarth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center


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