Sunstar Do children medicated toothpaste (strawberry) 50g

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“Sun Star Do medicated children's toothpaste 70 g of strawberries” is a toothpaste for children that supports toothpaste tailored to the growth of children. Contains fluorine and reduced palatinose. Supports the quality of your child's teeth and prevents tooth decay. A delicious strawberry taste that makes your tooth brushing time fun. Contains 70g. Quasi drug.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Toothpaste for children
Product brandSun Star DO
Internal capacity70g
please noteDiscontinue use and consult a doctor, dentist or pharmacist if symptoms such as rashes, itching or other allergic symptoms or asthma occur.
● When it gets in your eyes, please rinse thoroughly with water immediately without rubbing.
● After brushing, rinse thoroughly with flowing water to the root of the brush.
componentBase: Sorbit liquid / binder: anhydrous silica / cleaning agent: silica / auxiliary: reduced palatinose / blowing agent: alkyl group Luco side / flavor agent: flavor (strawberry type), saccharin sodium / stabilizer: oxidized titanium / Preservative: paraben / medicinal ingredient: sodium fluoride (fluorine) / pH adjuster: sodium monohydrogenphosphate / coloring agent: red No. 226


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