Menicon Proteoff 5.5 ml Hygiene Medical Hard Protein Removal for Lense

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"Proteoff 5.5 ml" is a hard lense protein removal solution for hard licking, which is used by adding 1 drop to O 2 care.


category Sanitary care
Material item Protein removal for hard lense
Product brandMenicon
Internal capacity5.5 ml
A32 * 23 * 80 (mm)
how to use1. Add 1 drop of Proteoff per lense to the lense case where O2 care has reached the 9th minute.
2. Insert lense into the lense case, close the cap, shake gently, and save overnight (over 2 hours).
3. Wash the lense with O 2 care, rinse thoroughly with tap water, then put it on your eyes.
Usage notes● If you have ever had any allergic symptoms etc. depending on care products etc., please consult your ophthalmologist before use.
● Before use, please read the attached instruction manual carefully, please keep carefully.
● Please use O2 care in combination.
● It can not be used for soft contact lense.
● Keep direct sunlight away from freezing in zero places (such as refrigerators) that are out of the reach of small children, please keep them.
● Do not use items that have passed the expiration date.
componentMain component: Proteolytic enzyme

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