Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Hananoa Nasal washing Nose gargle cleansing equipment + Cleaning solution 300 ml Hygienic medical nasal washing machine

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"Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Hananoa Nasal Cleansing Nasogaste Cleansing Device + Cleaning Solution 300 ml" rinse nose with nose cleansing agent dedicated to the nasal washing device, so that germs and pollen which have penetrated deeply are washed off thoroughly. Nasal gargle is a method of putting the washing solution through the nose and taking it out of the mouth. This wash solution is close to humans' body fluids, so it does not irritate the mucous membranes even when put through the nose, there is no twisted pain like when pool water enters. The refreshing scent of mint spreads to the back of the nose, and you can get a refreshing refreshing feeling.


category Sanitary care
Material item Nasal washing machine
Product brandHananoa
Internal capacity300 ml
Medical device approval number39B3X00001000002
how to use1. Place the washing liquid in the washing tool (standard: 10 ml per nose), hold it in the direction that you can read the letters "Ue" at the nozzle part, lightly put the tip in the hole of the nose.
2. Slightly turn upwards, pinch the abdomen of the washing tool slowly while breathing slowly, please pour washing solution little by little.
* If you inhale through the nose, wash solution may get into the bronchus or lungs, so please pour in naturally.
* Do not pour washing solution at a time, please pour it in small amounts in several times.
3. Please drain the washing fluid that has flowed into your mouth.
4. After washing in the hole of the other nose in the same way, remove the nozzle, wash the washing equipment, dry it, please keep it clean.
Usage notes1. Do not let children use it.
2. If you are receiving treatment for otolaryngology, consult a doctor before use.
3. Do not blow your nose strongly after cleaning.
4. Use only for nasal washing, not for eyes or ears.
5. Be careful not to get in eyes. Should you get into your eyes, rinse with running water immediately without rubbing, and consult a doctor with a package if abnormalities remain.
6. If you swallow the wash solution, if any abnormality remains, or if any abnormality occurs during use, consult a doctor with a package.
please note(Caution on usage)
1. To get the cleaning solution out of the mouth, you need to get used to it. Do not force it out of your mouth until you get used to it, please let me out of your nose.
2. As the cleaning solution flows down from the nose and mouth, we recommend using it with a tissue or handkerchief etc. with a wash basin or the like.
3. When you pour the washing solution vigorously or inhale the washing solution strongly from the nose, you may feel pain in the nose.
Storage precautions1. Keep out of the reach of children.
2. Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid place, seal tightly in cool dark place and keep it.
3. Do not replace with other containers (This may cause misuse or change quality)
4. Do not use cleaning fluid that has passed the expiration date.
componentPurified water, sodium chloride, glycerin, fragrance, polysorbate 80, benza chloride Luconnium (0.0035%), sodium edetate

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