Elephant seal elephant seal stainless steel bottle 0.5L SV-GR50-AA blue

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"Zojirushi stainless steel bottle 0.5L SV-GR50-AA Blue" is a lightweight, compact, easy-to-use and easy-to-carry bottle with a unique design with a vacuum layer as thin as 1mm. "Inner surface fluorine coat" + "Body wash OK" makes it easy to clean and always clean. The stainless steel vacuum double-bottle structure keeps the temperature of the drink for a long time with “high heat and cold insulation”. Wide mouth 4cm easy to put ice. The cup has an Ag + antibacterial finish.


Product brandElephant seal water bottle (stainless steel)
Product Specifications● Capacity (L): 0.5
● Heat retention efficacy (24 hours / 6 hours): more than 48 degrees / more than 76 degrees
● Cold storage effect (6 hours): 8 degrees or less
● Dimensions Width x Depth x Height (cm): 7x7x22.5
● Weight (kg): 0.27
Country of originThailand


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