Insect repellent sheet for Towa Sangyo system kitchen 55 x 180 cm 1 roll in Daily necessities insect repellent sheet

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“Insect sheet for system kitchen 55 x 180 cm 1 roll” is a sheet that is laid on a system kitchen that is hard to shift and is hard to shift. Insect repellent processing. Plenty of depth.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Insect control sheet
Product brandTOWA (Towa Industry)
how to use● Remove stains on the place to spread ●, please dry well.
● Please cut the sheet with scissors etc according to the size of the place to spread.
● Please lay so that the side (convex surface) which is Outside at the time of packing (convex) is on top.
※ If you have a roll, please make a reverse winding flat.
Usage notes● Do not use near fire or in hot places or use an iron. Due to the nature of the material, it may soften or deform.
● Do not place hot pots or pans directly.
● Insecticides, unlike insecticides, are intended to repel pests.
● Do not lay the sheet in damp places, but ventilate occasionally to dry the stored items and the sheet.
● The duration of efficacy of the repellent effect may change depending on the usage conditions.
● If you use Stain, wipe it firmly as it is a squeezed cloth.
● Do not use adhesive cleaner or tape on the convex surface. The applied medicine may be peeled off.
● During storage, please avoid places exposed to sunlight when using. The effect of insect repellent is reduced.
● We use highly safe medicine, but we apply medicine to the surface of the sheet, so we recommend that you place the part that touches the mouth such as dishes directly to the surface of the sheet.
● Do not fold the sheet. There is a possibility that it will be broken back and not be restored.
● Do not use for any purpose other than the original purpose.
● When discarding as waste, follow the rules of each local government.
● Insect repellant effect is one year after opening
MaterialEVA resin
Country of originJapan
Contact informationTowa Industry Co., Ltd.
Wakayama Prefecture Hainan City Fuji white 759
TEL: 073-482-4421 (for generation)
Contact information: 0120-24-4210
Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
(Saturday, Sunday, public holidays are excluded)


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