Petite & Sahi International Petite & Sahi International Tongue Polish Silver 40413 Daily Necessary Tongue Cleaner (Tone Polish)

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"Petite & Sahi International Tongue Polish Silver 40413" is a tongue polish that removes "stain of tongue" which is considered to be the cause of mouth trouble such as bad breath.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Tongue cleaner (tongue polish)
Product brandPetite & Sahi International
how to useGently push it on the surface of the tongue and use it to pry it out.
please note※ Do not rub too hard on the skin as it may damage the tongue.
※ Please do not use for other applications.
※ Please keep out of reach of children.
※ If you have inflammation or other abnormalities in the oral cavity, please consult a specialist.
※ Please boil and disinfect regularly on hygiene.
※ Please keep carefully the handling instructions.
※ Please use after making sure that there is no one around you taking care of the surrounding environment.
※ Please be sure to use while looking at the mirror.
Materialstainless steel cutlery steel
Country of originPakistan


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