Ube Materials, Inc. NEW カ ラ ー と 快 Foot Plats Binchotan for shoes 1 pair of daily necessities dehumidifier for shoes

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"NEW Karatsu and Pleasure Plats for Bincho charcoal for 1 pair" is Bincho charcoal blended non-woven fabric and B type silica gel, which is a moisture remover for shoes that absorbs moisture and odor quickly. It is economical because it can be dried repeatedly in the sun. Regeneration speed is improved because the black bincho charcoal sheet absorbs solar heat efficiently. It is with a convenient hook to dry.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Dehumidifier for shoes
Product brandUbe Materials
Internal capacity1 pair
how to useHow to use ●: Remove from the bag, please put in the shoe as the hook comes to the top.
● Indication of usage: It is one pair of shoes
● Hygroscopicity: 180 ml for the first two (water conversion: temperature 25 degrees, humidity 90%)
● Period of use period: After opening, 6 months (it varies a little depending on temperature, humidity)

● Regeneration method: When the regeneration signal changes to pink, please make the surface of the black Bincho charcoal sheet up and dry. Solar heat absorption speed is increased. When the playback signal returns to blue, it can be used again.
Quality indicationIngredients ●: B type silica gel · Binchotan blended non-woven fabric
● Contents: 300 g (150 g x 2 pieces)
● size: 10 cm x 21 cm
Country of originJapan
Contact informationUbe Materials Corporation


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