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"Miyaha Utsushu" is a powder soap for washing using Aomori bib oil. Beautiful leaves made in Hokkaido are soluble in water and soap residue is less likely to remain. In addition, because it contains plenty of high-quality glycerin, it will be soft finish Funwari even without using a softener. After washing, it doesn't get wet.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Environmental detergent (Eco detergent) For clothing
Product brandLife Art Club
Internal capacity1.2kg
UseWashing, dishes, utensils, glasses, toilets, bath utensils
how to use● Standard usage (in the case of washing): 20 g is a standard for 30 L of water
【How to use good beauty leaves】
For washing water 30L, please use detergent 20g as a standard. (There is not a lot of bubbles, but there is no change in the cleaning power)
In case of use other than washing, dissolve 1-2 teaspoons with hot water, apply directly to sponge or sprinkle and use.
If the laundry is left in soap solution for a long time, it may cause color stains and recontamination. Also, please do not put on the color and pattern.
Usage notes● Please be careful about infant's soap bubble play and mischief, and please do not put in the reach of the hand.
● If you use it for a long time or if it is rough, please use cooking gloves when washing with soap on a brush again.
● After use, wash your hands thoroughly with water, and we recommend cleaning with cream.
● If you swallow it, please take measures such as drinking water.
● Do not use anything other than washing, dishes, kitchen use, cleaning glass etc.
Quality indicationIngredients ●: 65% fatty acid sodium (pure soap), without other surfactants, carbonate
● Liquidity: weakly alkaline


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