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"Systema interdental brush M (8 pcs)" is an interdental brush that can brush well between the teeth in the back teeth where nests of periodontitis bacteria are likely to form. Smooth insertion in the interdental area and unique design with excellent durability. We adopt super high strength Wire which is hard to break hard to bend, taper nozzle which raises Wire strength. Easy to operate in the oral cavity with a compact head, can be held firmly by the long handle. It is most suitable for areas with a slightly wide space between teeth due to gingival retraction and the periphery of bridge devices. M's of ordinary type.
※ There is a possibility that the design of the package may be mixed with new and old due to product renewal. There is no change in the ingredients etc.


Product brandSystema
Internal capacity8 pieces
'S (exterior)100×175(mm)
how to use1. Insert straight into the interdental area and reciprocate several times.
2. It is more effective to insert and clean the brush not only from the cheek side but also from the tongue side.
3. Please wash well and dry after use.
Usage notes● If the interdental area is narrow and difficult to insert, do not insert by force. It may cause damage to teeth and teeth, as well as wire bending and breakage.
● Use Wire without bending. Repeated bending may cause breakage.
● If the bristles of the brush become irregular or the wire loses elasticity, replace it with a new brush.
● Depending on the condition of the tooth teeth, it may bleed at the beginning of use. If bleeding continues, do not use and consult a dentist.
Quality indication● Minimum diameter: 1.2-1.5 (mm)
* The indication is based on the voluntary standard of passing diameter by All Nippon Brush Industrial Co., Ltd.
● Material of pattern: polypropylene
Hair material ●: Nylon
● Heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees
● Cap material: polypropylene


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