Hakugen Earth Dry & Dry UP Compact 400ml x 3 pieces Daily Necessities Dehumidifier

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"Dry and dry up compact 400mlx3 pieces" is a dehumidifying agent with plenty of moisture absorption though it is compact. Countermeasures against odors and dampness such as closet, shoe box, and bedding.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Dehumidifier
Product brandDry & dry up
Internal capacity400 ml x 3 pieces
'S (exterior)Width 300x depth 140xHeight 65 (mm)
UseFor damp storage such as closet, wardrobe, closet, shoe box, under the sink and so on.
how to use1. Cut the bottom of the paper case along the perforation and take out the container. (The removed paper case will be the lid)
2. Make a lid to attach the container. Please cut off the lid according to the illustration of the side.
3. Peel off only the Aluminum seal on top of the container. A white moisture-permeable sheet appears and moisture absorption starts.
4. Set the lid you made earlier, it is complete.
* It is effective when used in a highly sealed environment.
* If the accumulated fluid can be replaced by the "replacement indication", replace it with a new "dry & dry UP compact 400ml".

【Period of use】
2-5 months (the same place of use will differ depending on the season and humidity)
* Please be sure to replace it with a new product within 1 year of using it.

【Usage standard】
2-3 pieces for general household insertion

[Process after use]
● If it is finished using it, wipe white moisture-permeable sheet with scissors etc. and discard the accumulated liquid (calcium chloride aqueous solution). After discarding, be sure to rinse with tap water. (Please wipe off the liquid if it gets wet)
● Please do not put on plants such as plants and flowers. It may wither.
● Please discard according to the classification of the local government.
Usage notesFollow the instructions below for use. Spills can cause stains.
● Do not peel off or use oil or detergent while using the white moisture-permeable sheet under the aluminum seal.
● Do not use in places where clothing or leather products come in contact with the white moisture-permeable sheet.
● Please do not use with things placed on the container.
● Do not use containers in a horizontal position or at an angle, or use them upside down.
● Do not drop the container or give an impact such as hitting it.
* If medicine or stored liquid gets on clothing or metal, etc., it may discolor or rust and wash it off with water.
* If you can not wash, please repeat the wiping and water and wipe until there is no sticky.
* If you take medicine or lick it, rinse your mouth with water and drink 1-2 glasses of water. Also, if it gets on your skin or in your eyes, wash it out with plenty of water immediately. In either case, please consult your doctor if there is any abnormality.
● At the beginning of use, it takes several days for the liquid to accumulate. (It varies according to the season and the condition of humidity even in the same place of use)
● When the temperature or humidity is low, the medicine may harden during use, but there is no problem with the effect or quality, so use as it is.
● Please be careful not to mischief children and pets.
● Please do not remove the drug inside.
● Please do not use for any purpose.
Quality indicationIngredients: calcium chloride
Standard dehumidifying amount (water conversion): 400 mL per unit (at 25 ° C, 80% humidity)
Country of originJapan


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