3M Japan Scotch transparent beautiful color super transparent tape 15mm volume 10 BK-15 home & kitchen tape

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"Scotch transparent beautiful color super-transparent tape 15mm 10 volumes BK-15" is high in transparency compared to cellophane tape and is a tape that is difficult to discolor. There is little bleeding of the adhesive and it can be applied cleanly. It can be easily cut by hand, resistant to moisture.


category Home & kitchen
Material ・ Item tape
Product brandScotch
Internal capacity10 volumes
MaterialBase material: polypropylene, adhesive: acrylic adhesive, core: use of recycled paper with 100% waste paper utilization. No core material made of plastic material. (Sort disposal unnecessary) Pollutant reduction (Exclude the organic solvent generated in the atmosphere from the adhesive
Country of originJapan
Usage notes● If you put a tape on a copy using a thermal paper of a fax machine, the copy may be lost.
● Please keep in mind that the letters may disappear if the tape is put on the copy letters with non-carbon paper.


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