Tape 18mm ~ 15m core 25mm dispenser with 811-1-18D you peel off crawling 3M Scotch

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"Scotch peeling tape 18mm 811-1-18D" is a transparent tape that can be repeatedly applied and removed. Peel off without damaging the pasted material, no glue remains. When tape is applied to matte paper, the tape becomes almost invisible. Even if you make a copy, the shadow of the tape hardly appears. Discolors-It is hard to change.
● Applications: For temporary fixing of notes, cutting and pasting. For examination and positioning of layout. For temporary fixing of tricing paper and film. For masking during painting.


category Home & kitchen
Material ・ Item tape
Product brandScotch
Usage notes● If you attach tape to a copy of a fax or copier that uses thermal paper, the copy may disappear.
● If tape is attached to characters copied with non-carbon paper, the characters may disappear.
● Do not paste posters or thick prints on wall surfaces or on rough surfaces such as wallpaper.
● When pasted on coated paper, blue-grilled paper, Japanese paper, or old books, the surface may be damaged or the glue may remain when peeled off.
MaterialBase material: Acetate film Matt finish (matte finish) Adhesive: Acrylic adhesive that can be pasted and removed
Country of originAmerica


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