Ora2 (Ora2) Breath Fine mouthwash (clear mint) 460mL

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“Aura 2 Breath Fine Mouthwash Clearmint 460ml” is a mouthwash that you can feel a clear breath just by rinsing. Adsorbs and removes unpleasant odor sources and cleans your mouth. Also, soften stains such as plaque bases, float and wash away. A mild mouthwash that is non-Arocoal and does not tingle your mouth. A natural refreshing flavor cream mint.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Mouthwash all
Product brandOra2
Internal capacity460ml
how to use● Appropriate amount 15ml (7th cap) in your mouth, rinse well for about 20 seconds and exhale. It is more effective to rinse with water after use.
● This product is not a toothpaste, so please brush your teeth normally.
please note● It is not an oral solution.
● If you have a rash or itching, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
componentBase: Water
Humectant: Glycerin, BG
Solubilizers: PEG-60, hydrogenated castor oil
Cleaning agent: sodium lauryl sulfate
pH adjuster: sodium citrate
Flavoring agent: Flavor (Clear Mint type), Saccharin Na
Adsorbent: Cyclodextrin
Cleaning enhancer: (C12-16) Palace-6 phosphoric acid
Antiseptic: methyl paraben


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