Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sawa dei scent of butternut 140 g

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"Sawaday Kimumokishi Scent 140g" is a toilet deodorant where the gentle aroma of Kinki Kouki spreads gently in the toilet space. Soft smell spreads from fresh smell jelly. It lasts for 1-2 months. (The duration varies depending on the environment)


Product brandThe scent of sweet potato
Internal capacity140g
how to use(1) Hold the metal of the main body, turn the container in the direction of the arrow and remove it.
(2) While putting the jelly in Metal, turn only the cover and take it off and throw it away.
(3) Set the container as it was.
※ If the contents are small and hard, and the smell does not spread throughout the toilet, please purchase a special "for nail replacement".
※ Please note that the inside of the cover and the jelly may have water drops when you remove the jelly cover.
Usage notes● Beware of accidental eating
● We can not eat product
● Be careful about freezing
● Do not put in reach of children
● Do not use other than applications
※First aid
If you accidentally put it in your mouth, give first aid such as drinking water immediately, and if there is any abnormality, bring the product description and consult your doctor.
componentFragrance, amphoteric surfactant based deodorant, surfactant (non-ionic), pigment, gelling agent
Country of originJapan


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