Dinos Cecil Cecil Contact Pressure High Socks Black Agate Type 22-24 cm Daily Use Pressure Contact Socks (For Women)

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"CESCEL PRESSURE HIGH Socks Aground Type Black 22-24cm" is an AKT type pressure sock that provides firm care both at work and at home. Because it is high socks length, it is very convenient to put in the boots. The ankles have a strong 25hPa, and the calf 20hPa.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Wearing socks (for women)
Product brandCecil
Internal capacity1 pair
sizeCalf 32-38, around the ankle 19-23, foot 22-24 cm
Product SpecificationsMaterial ●: Nylon · Poly Urethane
● Thick land type
● Deodorization processing
● Antistatic processing
Country of originJapan
Size chart
Assumed partCm
Around the ankle19-23
please note● Notes on wearing
・ If you are not familiar with it, you may feel tight at first.
・ If you feel uncomfortable, please stop wearing immediately and try later.
・ During use, if itching, swelling, irritation or other abnormalities are observed, discontinue use immediately.

● Cautions when washing
1. Dark colors may come out of color during washing. Please do not wash with light colors.
2. Do not use chlorinated driers.
3. Please do not leave pickled, and try to dry as soon as possible after dehydration.
※ Wash your hands according to the instructions of the washing mark.


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