3m Scotch Brite Cross-cellulose Sponge Cloth (Yellow & Pink)

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"3M Japanese Scotch Brite Cellulose Cross Pink & Blue 2 Color" is a wipe for the kitchen that uses cellulose (natural plant mineral).
・ Absorptive water absorption (absorbs 10 times its own weight of water), drying quickly
・ Can be washed repeatedly and used
-For kitchen counter, kitchen appliances, a handicap attached to a table, and a wipe of water honey Stain
・ For cleaning tiles, faucets and sinks
-IH, daily cleaning of the glass table at the glass top (burned burnt, time-consuming Stain, etc. can not be taken)


Product brandScotch-Bright
Internal capacity2 color in
ColorPink & Blue
how to use* How to care *
● After use, squeeze, and take enough moisture, drying will be faster.
● You can boil and disinfect.
● Use oxygen bleach for bleaching.
※ If you are using chlorine bleach, Fade, cause deterioration.
Usage notes● We use moistening agent to prevent dryness, and it has been moistened.
● When using for the first time, please rinse with water before use.
● When washing, there may be Fade, but there is no hygiene problem.
● Because of natural plant sugar, rare brown Stains, may contain grains.
● It becomes hard when it dries. When using it, use it after wetting it with water and squeezing it.
● It is a cross for cleaning around the kitchen. Please do not use it except the purpose.
● Please do not put in the mouth. Be careful with small children.
● Do not use for cleaning aquarium fish and other aquariums. It may affect fish.
● Washing with hard dust or sand may cause scratches.
● Please dispose of in accordance with the method established by the municipality at the time of disposal.
● Operating temperature: 100 degrees or less
● Please do not place near fire or high temperature.
● The material wears and deteriorates by continuing use. Depending on usage and storage conditions, wear and tear may occur quickly.
MaterialCellulose, Cotton
Contact informationSumitomo 3M Corporation: 03-3709-8624


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