3M Japan 3M Kitchen Sponge Scotch Bright Antibacterial Cellulose Sponge Sushi 2 Pack Packed Daily Necessities Sponge (for Kitchen)

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"3M Kitchen Sponge Scotch Bright Antibacterial Cellulose Sponge Soup Two Packages" is a supple cellulose sponge with nonwoven fabric affixed, cleanly removes koga.


category Daily necessities
Material item Sponge (for kitchen)
Product brandScotch Bright
Internal capacity2 packs
Usage notes● Because it contains wetting agent for drying prevention, wash well with water before using for the first time.
● Do not use for items other than kitchen utensils such as tableware and cooking utensils.
● Do not use for washing fish such as ornamental fish.
● The nonwoven surface should not be used for decorative parts such as Glass, soft plastic, lacquer ware, fluorine processed goods, especially scratch attaching objects, gold and silver etc. and glossy objects.
● After use, rinse off the water.
● Do not use chlorine bleach.
● Do not boil and disinfect.
● Keep away from the fire.
● Although it may be Fade, there are no hygiene problems due to the pigment attached to the Plant Feld.
● The sponge part may contain small beige clumps, but because of plant sesame, it does not hurt to use. In addition, the green stain in the sponge is a part of the nonwoven fabric adhered in powder form, and it will fall off when washed.
● When discarding, process it according to the method specified by the municipality as plastic garbage.
Product Specifications● Material: Nylon nonwoven fabric (with abrasive particles), antibacterial cellulose sponge (plant phlose) (organic antibacterial agent used)

● Operating temperature: 90 degrees or less
Contact Information3M Japan Group Customer Inquiries window
TEL: 0120-510-733 (reception hours 9: 00-17: 00, except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)

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