MARNA POCO kitchen brush red daily necessities kitchen brush

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“POCO Kitchen Brush Red” is a kitchen brush that can be stored in place on a wall. You can keep it clean. For tableware, pans, sinks, etc.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Kitchen brush
Product brandPOCO
Internal capacity1 piece
sizeSuction cup / Diameter 72 * 53 (mm), Brush / Diameter 58 * 45 (mm)
Product Specifications● Material
pattern: styrenic resin
Brush: Polypropylene
Suction cup: vinyl chloride
● Heat-resistant temperature: 60 degrees
● Made in Japan
Usage notes・ Please do not install it on a place with high heat or near a fire, a place with a wooden wall, plaster, mortar, slime glass, etc., uneven, rough, worn or scratched surface.
・ If the suction cup is deformed or hard to install, put it in 60 degree hot water for about 10 minutes, then wipe off the moisture and then use it.
・ Please avoid using a brush for things that are easily damaged.


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