Ube Materials deodorant sheet that can be used for ticks 98x102 cm daily necessities dehumidifying sheet

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"Dick-proof dehumidifying sheet 98x102 cm" is a large square single sheet that absorbs moisture quickly. It is safe for bedding without bedding. Can be used repeatedly by drying.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Dehumidifying sheet
Product brandUbe Materials
Internal capacity1 sheet
size98x102 cm
how to useTake it out of the bag and lay it under the bed with the side with the regeneration signal up.
※ Even if used in bed, please use it under the bedding. It is more effective if you put it on the upper part of your sweat area.

● How to play
When the regeneration signal turns pink, leave it in direct sunlight for more than half a day. When it returns to blue, it can be used again.
※ Please play in a place where rain and water do not catch.

● Indication of period of use
One year after opening (depends slightly on temperature and humidity.)
Usage notes● This product can not be eaten.
● I use a highly safe material, please do not put in the mouth. Keep out of reach of children.
● If you have a constitution that is prone to allergic symptoms or rash, etc., please be careful.
● If the silica gel gets in your eyes, rinse with water without rubbing your eyes, and consult a specialist.
● Please keep in mind that you may skid if you ride vigorously, such as jumping.
● Please do not put hot things on top.
● Do not use or iron the product near fire or in a hot place. Due to the nature of the material, it may soften or deform.
● Before using the sheet, please remove Stain, dust, moisture etc. from the place of use beforehand.
● Please keep in mind that the sheet may be Peeled if pulled hard.
● Do not use for any purpose other than the original purpose.
● Please discard as incombustible after use.
● Please dispose of in accordance with the method prescribed by each local government at the time of disposal.
● Silica gel may discolor to yellow as it is used. It adsorbs proteins that cause yellowing of clothes, urea and organic gases, etc. I am sorry to use it.
Product SpecificationsIngredients ●: Inorganic tick repellent, B type silica gel
Material ●: Polyethylene, Polyester
● Contents: 640 g
● The amount of moisture absorption: 400 ml (water conversion: in the case of temperature 25 degrees, humidity 90%)
Country of originJapan
Contact informationUbe Materials Co., Ltd. 03-3279-3237


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