kitchen sponge 【Clean Friends】 sheep [Japan import]

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"Kitchen sponge sheep" is a soft sponge and non-woven fabric, so it's a friendly sponge (for kitchen) that fits in your hands from the beginning. Foaming is good, it can be washed softly. Cute sheep shape.


category Daily necessities
Material item Sponge (for kitchen)
Product brandOe
Internal capacity1 piece
UseTo wash dishes / cooker.
please note● Do not use for applications other than those mentioned above.
● Avoid using chlorine bleach or hot water.
● Cleaning agents other than neutral detergents may damage products, so be careful.
● Depending on the specifications of the parts to be cleaned, such as the material, color, gloss, etc., Scratch may stick on or it may cloud, so use it after trying it in an inconspicuous place.
● Rust · Avoid using it on a bad face with kogation.
● Do not wash hot pots or frying pan.
● When washing kitchen knife etc, be careful not to cut the sponge with the blade.
● Since there is a case that Scratch is attached to tableware, do not use it while adhering foreign matter etc.
● After use, rinse off detergent and Stain with running water, drain off and dry.
● Do not place it in a location near fire or high temperature.
● When disposing, follow the method specified by each municipality.
Quality indication● Material: Nylon nonwoven fabric, poly Urethane foam ● Heat resistant temperature: 90 degrees
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationOe Corporation
TEL: (073) 482-3461 (substitution)

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