Fumakilla Everywhere Bep mosquito taking 60 days For replacement 2 pieces of daily necessities Insecticide all

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"Everywhere Bepe Mosquito Repellent 60 Days Replacement 2" is for electronic and battery-operated mosquito repel everywhere. It can be replaced with one touch.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Insecticide all
Product brandBep everywhere
Internal capacity2 drug cartridges (Battery is built-in. Battery replacement is unnecessary)
Product Summary60 days (8 hours a day) / 1 piece
'S (exterior)Width 100 * depth 75 * Height 120 (mm)
Usage notes・ Please use carefully by carefully reading the instruction manual.
-Avoid direct sunlight, please keep out of reach of children.
componentActive ingredient: Metofluthrin (pyrethroid type) 120 mg / piece
Ingredient of other: dibutyl hydroxytoluene, non-woven sheet
Effect / effectEfficacy: (indoor) mosquito adult control, (outdoor) mosquito adult repellant
Usage and dose● In the room of 4.5-10 tatami room, please use it for the repelling of the mosquito adult in the outdoors to control the mosquito adult.
● We can use for 60 days (total 480 hours) by use of eight hours a day.


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