Fumakilla Squirrel 8 pieces of daily necessities Slug control / repellent

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The “8 pieces of slugfish” is a slug extermination that gathers slugs and kills them simply by putting them in the garden or veranda. It is the feed of favorite half life type of slug. Because we do not touch medicine, we put in relief container. The container design that the drug does not flow out even if it receives rain or water. The effect is 1-3 months.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Slug control and evasion
Product brandKadan
Internal capacity8 pieces (2g * 8 pieces)
'S (exterior)Width 210 * depth 35 * Height 140 (mm)
Applied pestSlug
how to use・ Separate one piece at a time, and place one piece per 2 square meters in a place where slugs may come out. When there are many slugs, please put in excess.
Installation location: High humidity area such as garden, veranda, warehouse, kitchen, floor, bathroom etc.
-Since slugs die around the container 30 cm, when using indoors, please put paper such as newspaper under the container for easy disposal.
・ After installation, there is an attraction effect for 1 to 3 months, but if the entrance is covered with rubbish etc., the attraction will decline, so please return.
・ Please change the installation place when it is difficult to collect lottery tickets.
Usage notes・ Do not put your finger in the container. Do not take out the drug from the container and use it.
・ Do not install in places where pets may eat accidentally.
・ In case of accidental ingestion, immediately notify the product that it is a preparation containing metaaldehyde and boric acid, and get medical attention from a physician.
If you accidentally eat a pet-please consult a veterinarian immediately. Eating too much may kill you.
Caution on storage・ If this product is not used at one time, store it in an aluminum bag.
• Keep food in a cool place out of direct sunlight, out of reach of children and pets, as distinguished from food, dishes and pet food.
Disposal precautionsDispose of used containers as plastic waste.
componentActive ingredient: Meta aldehyde


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