Earth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Earth No Matt 60 Day Set White Blue Daily Necessities Electronic Mosquito Remover (Outlet)

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"Earth No Matt 60 Day Set White Blue" is an electronic mosquito eliminator with a double shell structure that is excellent in heat resistance and impact resistance. The temperature is kept constant by the semiconductor ceramic heater. Dome-shaped device that is hard to fall down. The overheat is prevented by the heating prevention resistance. You can check the remaining amount of the drug bottle at a glance with the Crystal confirmation window. With pilot lamp clearly understood during use.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Electronic mosquito eliminator (outlet)
Product brandEarth muff
Internal capacityOne device, one medicine bottle for 60 days (45 ml)
ColorWhite blue
'S (exterior)Width 150 * depth 76 * Height 118 (mm)
how to use1. Turn the cap of the bottle and pull it out just above so that the cap does not touch the core.
2. Push the bottle firmly from below the body until it clicks.
3. Plug the plug into a power outlet and turn on the switch.
4. When replacing the bottle, pull the bottle straight down.
please note・ Please ventilate the room from time to time when using it in a small room.
・ Please do not place in places where it gets hot such as places exposed to direct sunlight.
・ Please do not touch the upper part of the device because it gets hot.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
Precautions on the handling and storage of equipment・ Please use with a household 100V power supply.
・ Do not insert wires or pins into the device. Also, do not touch the appliance with wet hands.
-Do not disassemble, repair or remodel the equipment as it may cause an accident or failure.
・ Do not pull on the cord or carry the equipment with the cord.
・ Stain the equipment, please turn off the power and wipe with a dry cloth.
・ Wipe off the stain and dust of the device, and store in a plastic bag etc.
componentActive ingredient: Transfluthrin (pyrethroid type) 450 mg / piece
Ingredient of other: Dibutyl hydroxytoluene, No. 1 kerosene, liquid paraffin
Country of originEquipment: Made in China
Cartridge: Made in Japan
Effect / effectEfficacy: Elimination of mosquito adult


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