Rec Anti-Dicking Automatic Locking Valve Compressed Bag for Large Duvet L 2 pieces of Daily Necessities Duvet Compressed Bag / Storage Bag

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"Dick-proof self-locking valve-Large compression bag for duvet L 2 pieces" uses a self-locking valve that does not return air, and it is a duvet compression bag that can be easily compressed simply by hitting the nozzle. The color fastener changes color when closed, making it easy to see the opening and closing. In addition, with the anti-mite compound, it suppresses the growth of the mite. A large single futon can hold 1-2 sheets, and a large single blanket can hold 3-4 sheets.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Duvet compression bag / storage bag
Product brandLek
Internal capacity2 sheets
sizeFastener width about 130x depth 100cm
how to use(1)
● In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of mites and molds, please dry the contents sufficiently.
※ In the case of sun drying, please dry for about 2.5 hours and back 2.5 hours in fine weather.
※ When using the dryer, please follow the instructions of your dryer manual.
※ Please cool well after drying. If heat remains, it condenses in the compression bag and causes mold.
※ If the duvet, please shade.

● Please fold futons and blankets according to the size of the compression bag.
※ Storage
Material● Compression bag: Nylon, polyethylene
● Valve: polypropylene, polyethylene, silicone resin
Slider: Polypropylene
● Additive (anti-mite agent): aromatic compound
Country of originChina
Usage notes● Down 70% can be used for feather products. Do not use on feather products or feather products with a lot of feathers. (Because the wings are broken and the bulk can not be returned, it may cause air leakage by attaching a compression bag.) Also, do not use it for those that have been brushed (long haired legs) or leather items. Please give me.
● Please check the material label of stored items before use. If you are not sure if it is suitable for compression, please contact the store / maker where you purchased the futon and blanket.
● Please dry the contents sufficiently.
● We sweep away storage places such as closet well
please note■ Warning
・ Keep out of reach of infants and young children. There is a risk of wearing a bag and suffocating.
・ This product is a bag for storing compressed mattresses and blankets. Please do not use it for any purpose other than the purpose.

■ Anti-tick effect validity period: 1 year
After opening, there is an effect for one year.
※ Please keep the bag fastener closed when not using it.
Contact informationREC Corporation customer call center
TEL: 03-5847-0616 (reception hours: weekdays 9: 00-16: 00)
When we use stored thing again● Open the fastener and take out the stored items.
● Please use the storage items after drying in the sun or a dryer.
※ The thickness of the compressed storage will return to 70-90% before compression by drying, but please note that differences may occur depending on the material and usage conditions.
※ If the duvet, please shade.
Attention when using a vacuum cleaner● Please check the instruction manual of the vacuum cleaner to be used.
● Do not draw continuously for more than 1 minute. It may cause damage due to motor heating.
● If compression is not complete even after about 1 minute from the start of suction, stop the vacuum cleaner and wait about 10 minutes before trying again.
● Some vacuum cleaner models can not be used.
● Do not use a handy type vacuum cleaner as it can not be compressed.
● Recirculation type vacuum cleaner may take time to compress.
● If the vacuum cleaner stops due to the heating of the motor, cooling the motor


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