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Scotch Tough Instant Adhesive Gel is a Scotch Tough Instant Adhesive. Metal, wood, paper, China, synthetic rubber, hard plastic, leather products, tile repair and versatile type. It can be used on a vertical surface as the gel type does not drip. For repair of back, shoes, accessories, various works, models, furniture, parts and hardware, wallpaper.
※ Those that can not be glued ... polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene foam, silicone resin, fluorine resin, plastic brushed plastic, Glass, dishes.
※ Operating temperature range after bonding: -20 degrees to 80 degrees.
※ Please do not use for bonding of precious Metal and high priced items. Depending on the method of use and conditions of use, unexpected damage may occur. Please check in advance if it is suitable for the intended use.
About product delivery: This item is a non-airborne item. Shipping to Hokkaido and Okinawa may be delayed than scheduled delivery date.


category DIY garden
Material ・ Item adhesive
Product brandScotch
Internal capacity3g
how to use● When using for the first time, turn the cap horizontally 5-6 times clockwise. If you turn it all the way down until it makes a snap, the cap will come off and be opened. (One rotation 180 degrees)
● Do not touch the container body when opening or opening.
● Remove the adhesive surface Stain, please dry well.
● Apply dot or line on one side. Immediately bond and hold until the adhesive cures.
Usage notes(warning)
It is harmful. Irritate the skin. Risk of serious damage to eyes. Cyanoacrylate, Danger: Glue skin and eyes in seconds.

(First aid)
● When you stick to the skin or glue your fingers, use a superglue exfoliation solution while peeling off slowly in hot water.
● When attached to the eyelids do not open by force, please soak in lukewarm water immediately.
● If you get in your eyes, wash your face immediately and get medical attention.
● Please do not remove forcibly or rub your eyes.

(Caution in handling)
● Always use at room temperature when applying.
● If the tube is pressed too hard, the tube may peel off and the fluid may leak.
● The cloth and back skin may cause fever and burns.
Please avoid contact with the skin and eyes ●.
Please put out of reach of children ●, please be careful not to mischief.
● Please do not use in places with fire.
● Please ventilate well during and after use.
● Whitening may occur in the bonded area, peripheral area, and container.
● After use, please wipe the nozzle and tighten the cap firmly.
● Please do not use except for bonding.
● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a dry place.
componentType: Chemical reaction adhesive, Component: Cyanoacrylate (90%), Acrylic resin (10%), No fire allowed Hazardous substances Class 4 Petroleums, Hazard grade III,
Country of originJapan


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