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"3M Cleaner 30 330ml" is an aerosol cleaner for spray application. The main ingredient is natural citrus oil. Suitable for removing organic solvent type rubber adhesive, Stain of adhesive tape, and removing oil, grease and magic ink. The solution left after washing can be easily washed with water.
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category DIY garden
Material ・ Item Remove the seal
Product brandScotch
Internal capacity330ml
how to use● After spraying enough to the stain area, in order to penetrate the stain, be sure to leave it for 3 minutes or more. In the case of awful Stain, take a softened Stain with a spatula, etc., and wash it repeatedly with a cleaner.
● Wipe off with a clean cloth, then rinse in water, please be dried from water.
Usage notes● Do not use near flames or fire.
● Do not use it in a large amount in a room where fire is used.
● Because there is a danger of explosion if the temperature is high, do not place it where the temperature will be 40 degrees or more, such as near direct sunlight or near fire.
● Do not put in the fire.
● Use up and discard. Keep out of reach of children and be careful not to mischief.
● Please do not use except for bonding.
● Please ventilate well before use.
● Because it contains organic solvents, it may be harmful and harmful to you if you take it by abuse, so please do not inhale intentionally.
● If you feel irritated or feel sick in your eyes or throat, immediately move to a fresh place, and if necessary, seek medical attention from your doctor.
componentLimonene, LPG
Country of originJapan


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