3M Japan 3M Scotch Strong Instant Adhesive Gel Multi-purpose DIY / Garden Adhesive

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“3M Scotch Strong Instant Glue Gel Versatile” is a special cap structure that prevents liquid from leaking and prevents the nozzle from drying. Safety design without using pins. Can be used for a wide range of applications.
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category DIY garden
Material ・ Item adhesive
Product brandScotch
Internal capacity3g
UseFor bonding / repairing metal, hard plastic, synthetic rubber, wood, paper, leather, leather, china and tiles.
・ Bags, shoes, accessories
・ Various work, model
・ Parts, Hardware
・ For wallpaper repair

[Things that cannot be bonded]
Silicone resin
Fluorine resin
Soft Chlorinated Plastics
how to use● How to open
When using for the first time, turn the cap horizontally (5-6 times) clockwise. If you turn it all the way until it snaps, the cap will come off and open.
* 1 rotation = 180 degrees
* Do not touch the tube of the container body when opening and closing.

Bonding procedure
(1) Drop the stain on the adhesive surface and dry it well.
(2) Apply a small amount on one side.
(3) Immediately bond and hold for a while.
・ Do not use the blade for bonding precious metals or high-priced products.
・ Since this product may cause unexpected damage depending on the method of use and conditions of use, please confirm whether it is suitable for the intended use in advance.
Usage notes● Always use at room temperature when applying.
● If the tube is pushed too hard, the tube may peel off with the nail and the liquid may leak.
● Be careful not to get burned if you touch the cloth or lining.
● Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
● Keep out of reach of infants and be careful not to prank them.
● Do not use in a place with fire.
● Improve ventilation during and after use.
● Whitening may occur in the bonded area, peripheral area, or container.
● After use, wipe the nozzle and close the cap firmly.
● Because it can not be removed, you can not wear clothes.
● Do not use except for bonding.
● Avoid direct sunlight and store in a place with low humidity.
● Dispose of in accordance with local government instructions.
* After using, the plastic part of the container and the metal tube can be separated. Please read the instructions.
please note■ Warning: Harmful
・ Stimulates skin.
-Risk of serious damage to eyes.
・ Cyanoacrylate, danger: Glue skin and eyes in seconds

■ No fire
Dangerous goods Class 4 Class 3 Petroleum Danger class III
First aid● When you touch your skin or attach your finger, peel it off slowly in hot water, or use an instant adhesive remover.
● If the eyelids stick, do not open them forcibly but immediately immerse them in lukewarm water.
● If it gets into your eyes, immediately wash your eyes and get medical attention. Do not forcibly remove or rub your eyes.
componentCyanoacrylate (90%), acrylic resin (10%)
Product Specifications● Operating temperature range after bonding: -20-80 degrees
Country of originTaiwan
Contact informationSumitomo 3M Corporation MRO and Home Improvement Division


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